What to Do If Your Pipes Are Frozen

Frozen Pipes Services in Marrieta, GA

In the winter, we at Atlanta Water and Fire Damage see an uptick in pipes freezing, and we want to make sure you are prepared and know how to handle this situation that can become costly, and even dangerous if not handled promptly and by a professional team like those at Atlanta Water and Fire Damage.

If left untreated, frozen pipes may result in a burst pipe that can lead to flooding your home or business. This can lead to permanent property damage and can expose the electric system in the home to water creating a risk of fire, electric shock, or worse.


Identifying Symptoms

Since frozen pipes generally are not an issue you can look at and notice externally, it is key to know the signs of frozen pipes. Of course, if you are looking at exposed pipes, always check for visual cues including a deformation like a bulge or crack in the pipe. If you see excessive frost on the outside of a pipe, special attention should be given to this area of piping.

Beyond the external physical factors, a common sign of frozen pipes is when you try to use your sink with no water, or a very slow drip of water comes from your faucet. You may also notice a bad smell coming from the drain or faucet, as odors cannot be vented out through a frozen pipe.

There are also some auditory signs you can look for including banging sounds coming from the piping or a bubbling sound when you flush the toilet.


Preventing Frozen Pipes

Before you find yourself in the situation of having frozen pipes, there are some precautions you can take to try and avoid the situation altogether. First and foremost, standard maintenance from professionals like Atlanta Water and Fire Damage in Marrieta, GA can make sure you have good water flow through your pipes making pipe-freezing much less likely. When running water to ensure a good flow, it is best to run water through both hot and cold taps. Keeping your thermostat set to a higher temperature and consistently being on cause also help prevent temperatures from getting to freezing levels.

Some also choose to install heating cables along their piping, which will automatically enable when there are freezing temperatures detected. A basic fan can also help by making sure the warm air in the property is circulating.


Handling Frozen Pipes

Remember, once you believe you have frozen pipes it is time to call a professional like Atlanta Water and Fire Damage, but there are some steps you can take to mitigate the damage while you wait for a response from us.

Firstly, do not use a blowtorch or any kind of open flame to try and thaw the pipes. Space heaters are also unadvisable and would need constant monitoring to be sure they weren’t a fire hazard.

Light heat can be applied to the frozen piping, with items like a heating pad, a hair dryer, or towels soaked in hot water. This temporary remedy can help while you wait for professionals to arrive.

Be sure to keep faucets open, as the thawing process will create steam that needs somewhere to exit. Eventually, water should begin running through the faucet allowing the pipes to thaw.


Contact Atlanta Water and Fire Damage

Remember, while you can create some temporary solutions for frozen pipes, you must call a professional as soon as possible to avoid major permanent damage to your property and avoid possibly immediate safety risks. If you believe you may be dealing with frozen pipes or have general questions, contact Atlanta Water and Fire Damage today and speak to one of our experts!