Your home, your business, your whole life can literally go up in smoke right before your eyes.

It takes a massive physical, emotional and financial toll on you and your family.  Owner Charlie Bezerra knows first hand, as his own home was burned due to an electrical fire.

As is the case with water damage, the key to minimizing the damage is to act quickly.  It’s not just the fire causing the damage, it’s the smoke and water taking it’s toll as well.

Call Atlanta Water and Fire Damage at (678) 890-2770 to get someone there as quickly as possible to make a thorough assessment of the damage.  The first step is to prevent further damage by shoring up the structure and boarding up any openings.

With the structure of the building secure, a more detailed analysis can be performed, followed by the cleaning, deodorizing and dehumidification of the property.   Every fire is different, and fire restoration jobs can run from weeks to months, and even over a year in some cases.

Why not talk to a company that has been in your shoes?  Call (678) 890-2770 to get a careful analysis and free estimate for your restoration project.