In Atlanta, GA and surrounding cities

Major events can happen to any home, and   is there for the aftermath of these occurrences. Once the home can be safely entered, it is time to begin recovering as many items as possible, also known as a “pack out”.

Countless different incidents can cause your home or business to require evacuation or cause major damage, including fire, water damage, or mold. At Atlanta Water and Fire Damage we know that this can be a life-halting event for any home or business owner. That’s why we utilize professionals to handle the tasks that need to be taken care of carefully and urgently. Timing of a pack out is vital to keep your belongings away from potential additional damage to the property. As soon as it is possible to re-enter the building, you will need the services of a pack out company like Atlanta Water and Fire Damage who has the expertise to assess the contents of the property, clean it, and pack out salvageable items in a safe, efficient, and sanitary way. We aim to work quickly to get your home back to normal, or your business back up and running, while vigilantly accounting for all the personal items in the building.

Packout Services in Marietta, GA


In Atlanta, GA, and Surrounding Cities


After one of these unfortunate, but all too common events, as soon as the property can be safely entered it’s time to find a company like Atlanta Water and Fire Damage to come evaluate the building. Items that are salvageable need to be handled with professional experience and equipment. These items cannot be safely retrieved just by removing them from the scene of the incident, they must be safely removed from the premises, sanitized, and restored before they can be safely returned to the owner. This process cannot happen on-site. This is where a pack out service like the one offered at Atlanta Water and Fire Damage is needed to professionally pack the items and take them off-site for restoration.

  • All items will be added to an electronic record.
  • Recording the inventory includes detailed notes about each item including their condition and a description.
  • Our organization system will let you know that your items are all being accounted for.
  • What can be salvaged and what cannot be salvaged is also recorded in our inventory system.
  • When you file a claim with your insurance company, this detailed report will likely be used by them.


At Atlanta Water and Fire Damage we have emergency pack out experts that treat your items with care. Once we complete the inventory and take the products for sanitization, they will be carefully packaged and returned to the owner. We are sure to be careful and transport these items as if they were our own.


If you’ve experienced a flood or fire and need pack out services from a company like Atlanta Water and Fire Damage, contact us as soon as the home is safe to enter, and our emergency services will guide you through the process and get your home or business’ belongings recovered as soon as possible.