Mold is a serious concern for homeowners and their families. Many people are aware that breathing mold can cause serious respiratory issues and even cause asthma and chronic breathing conditions when people are exposed for a long time. Many people can smell the more obvious mold and mildew such as the kind that grows on clothes that were left wet in a gym bag or the washing machine, or the kind that grows in the air ducts or damp cellars that create a strong musk. However, there are several kinds of mold, some that are a little less obvious and a lot more dangerous.

Mold has the potential to grow anywhere that is dark, moist, and offers a food source — like your wood support beams or walls. Mold compromises your home’s structural integrity, making a very dangerous living situation for you and your family.

As great of a place to live as Atlanta is, the year round warmth and extreme humidity makes it a great place for mold to grow too. The threat of mold increases exponentially after a flood or fire. Mold can grow in very little moisture, so if your home was not professionally and thoroughly dried after water damage occurred, you are at an increased risk for mold growth. Not to fret, the restoration experts at Atlanta Water and Fire Damage are skilled at preventing, detecting, and removing mold, eliminating the threat from your home. We can even help you repair damage and rebuild a safe place for your family.

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