Properly Handling Water Damage and Mold

Water Damage Restoration in Marietta, GA

In the event of water damage to a home or business, the quality of the visual appearance of the home or business can be severely compromised, and the structural integrity of the property can be severely compromised as well. Atlanta Water & Fire Damage knows that mold, both seen and unseen, is one of the most significant factors that can come from water damage, which is why we are so committed to preventing it from occurring. Getting water damage restoration as soon as possible is one of the most important reasons you should do so in order to prevent mold from growing and causing further damage and health complications as a result.


Respond Quickly

When a surface is exposed to water for a period of more than 24 hours, it is possible for mold to develop on that surface. The growth of mildew can be supported by a number of surfaces, including wooden products, roof tiles, carpets, furniture, fabrics, plants, and other organic materials. Mildew is the first stage of mold growth. Mold produces spores that can travel through the air or touch in order to reproduce, which in turn causes more damage. To survive, mold consumes organic matter and spreads to consume even more organic matter. In order to prevent structural damage to your home or business, it is essential that mold be removed from structural elements by a professional. Mold reproduces by eating organic material and spreading to continue eating more material.


Causes of Damage

Your home or business may have incurred less obvious water damage and mold growth if it has experienced severe water damage. It is likely that your home or business has incurred less obvious water damage if it has experienced flooding. Make sure your property is inspected for water damage if you have sewage backups. Flooding or moisture in your roof can be caused by roof leaks, as well. As a result, mold can grow and cause permanent damage, which will cost much more than catching it earlier. If mold appears in high-humid areas, such as a kitchen or bathroom, it is also important to address it immediately. As long as any water damage is not corrected, mold will continue to grow and appear.


Types of Water Damage

The first thing you need to know if your property has been damaged by water is that there are three types of water damage, and they differ in their severity.

  • Clean Water: A less severe case of water damage may be caused by a broken water line, a ruptured water supply line, or an overflowing sink. This type of water damage must still be treated immediately to avoid further damage.
  • Gray Water: Water that comes from toilets and washing machines is considered gray water. This water may be contaminated.
  • Black Water: There are several kinds of water damage, but this is the most severe. It poses a serious health risk because of its sources, such as sewage, flood waters, and seawater.


Time To Call Atlanta Water & Fire Damage

No matter the type of water damage that has occurred to your home or business, it can lead to permanent damage. In the event that you see mold or suspect water damage to your home or business, make sure to contact Atlanta Water & Fire Damage as soon as possible so that we can take steps to prevent permanent damage to your property.